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On the return

Still not quite sure why I left Melbourne...

It's been a long-time coming, but reader(s), I'm back!

The best way I can sum up my six-month absence is... with a list. Because, deep down, we all know we would read a lot more if everything came in list form.

So! Here we go:

1) At the start of this year, I went back home to Melbourne for six weeks

2) Said six weeks was filled with perfect: summer weather, food, booze, friends and family

3) Coming back to the UK post-Beast from the East was difficult

4) Coming back to the UK was made all the more difficult because I knew I had to get... a job

5) BUT I also returned to London to see not one, but TWO manuscripts that I had written published into physical books that I could hold (and NOT sleep with clutched in my hands)

6) I managed to figure out I wanted a job in a bookshop

7) I trawled through countless job websites looking for said job in a bookshop

8) Nando's was also hiring



11) One of the books I wrote has also given me a small but important fanbase in Germany

12) Now, I basically talk to people about books all day

13) Now, I'm still writing

14) Now, I'm still in London

15) Also, I saw On the Run II recently and am still getting over the power and flawlessness of Bey and Jay Z. If you haven't watched the clip for Apesh*t yet, do it now!


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