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On eating alone in Paris

I mean, life could be worse. Unarmed save for a glass of chilled Chablis . Sunglasses the only armour against curious gazes. My leg tapping out the rhythm of my sped-up heartbeat as my thumping pulse echoed around the 4e arrondissement. I was about to have my first lunch alone in Paris and I was unsure if I would make it. There aren’t too many places, or situations, in which if I found myself alone, I would slither to the floor in a mess of self-consciousness and tears. In fact, my own company is quite delightful, extremely dependable and has excellent taste in how to spend its time. Of course, like with any good thing, it can grate on the nerves by about the third hour which is when it’s time find the company of friend, foe, animal or television. But I do like a challenge, so when an occasion arose where I found myself with time and money to have a mini-break, I decided I was about due for a bend in my comfort zone. I took aim at my ability to spend time alone and gave

On Ricky Gervais’s Humanity

Dashing to the tube station. Need to get across town. It’s peak hour. It’s going to take forever. Hands are too shaky, Oyster card fumbles to the ground. Bending to pick it up and almost collected by the post-work crush. Finally through the tube barrier. Racing down the stairs. Eyes darting to the list of stations. Need to make sure I’m headed the right way. Stomach filled with butterflies. Blind butterflies smashing into each other rather than calmly flitting through the air. Breathe. Platform. Not as crowded as expected. Small mercies. Check the next train. That’s the one. Stand in the space next to where, hopefully, the doors will open. Train approaching. Stand back from the line. Mind the gap. Train car almost empty. Get a seat! Fumble in my bag for, what? Music? A book? Too distracted. Stare out the window instead. Will I make it in time? Will I? Pulling into Hammersmith. Last stop. People sauntering this way and that. Why aren’t they moving quicker? Move

On a week of recaps

If you're visited my blog this week, thanks for stopping by! Much appreciated. So now, are you all caught up? Or are there a few posts that you've missed in the mad rush of life? If so, why not take this week to indulge in a little recap: There was the time I went to Wales . And visited a VERY big house . Oh and Banksy. Did you read about Banksy ? Start with those and I'll be back next week with new, fresh and fun tales from London Town.