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On (not) Wednesdays

Since beginning my blog, I’ve tried to keep my postings to a regular schedule. I wanted my readers to have a routine, to know that Wednesday was THE DAY to catch up on the goings on in London town as seen through the eyes of this Melbourne writer. 

Why Wednesday? Why not. 

But as I near my first anniversary of life in England's capital (don't worry, that will be a WHOLE OTHER BLOG POST EXTRAVAGANZA!), I've decided that Wednesday is not longer the day for me. 

Why (not) Wednesday? Well, it would seem I've gone and gotten myself another job. It's part-time and will see me in an office from Wednesday to Friday each week for the foreseeable future. I know! Exciting! The pull of publishing was once again too strong for me to swim against and I've found myself wrapped in the loving arms of a terrific press that publishes adult non-fiction titles. Super, super exciting!
The view from my desk is a pub... this is gonna be rough

Now, I know I could pushed myself to stick with Wednesdays and do as I'm doing right now. Write my blog post, in bed, at eleven o'clock at night and keep my readers in the routine I've promised them. But I just can't do it, folks. I just can't.

Why not Wednesdays? Well, if you want to get technical about it, I've actually gone and gotten myself three paid jobs (and one vocational job, as my own writing is still labelled until I see my first pay cheque). Yep. I.Have.Three.Jobs.  Can't say I'm entirely sure how this has happened, but it has. I'm grafting my ARSE off here in the UK and my days are slipping through my fingers. I'm splitting my focus between publishing, freelance writing and typing up audio reports for a real estate agency (don't worry, that will be a WHOLE OTHER BLOG POST EXTRAVAGANZA!).

So, to give my blog the attention and effort it deserves, Tuesday will now be THE DAY for you to read all about the goings on in London town as seen through the eyes of this Melbourne writer.


  1. Doesn't matter what day you pick, you're always going to be late in Melbourne town! Lovely to read your news... all good(ish) at PRH Collins Street, not much natural light as the building works progress and they don't replace light bulbs (not sure if this is an energy drive or an economy drive). Half way through the year already and can hardly believe you have been gone almost a year; sob. Home for Christmas? Keep on writing, more, more, more... X

    1. So true! I WILL always be late in Oz. Funnily enough, the office I'm in is also a bit of a working site with scaffolding everywhere. Not much light can't be good, though. And yes, hoping to come home for a visit during Oz summer so watch this space! x


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