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On using my blog to say my piece

I don’t often find myself in agreement with royalty. We have different lives, different priorities and move in very different circles, so it's rare that our interests align. While I have made various efforts to, at the very least, stand at the periphery of a royal circle, any royal circle, I know that the golden triangle that is Wills, Kate and Harry is destined to always be out of my reach/life/world.
So then why, you may ask, am I talking about royalty during a week that has seen the world tear itself at the seams? Well, I’m talking about them because today I found myself in agreement with Prince Charles. More specifically, in agreement with something the prince said at the World Jewish Relief charity dinner.
The work of World Jewish Relief enables us to rally together. To do what we can to support people practically, emotionally and spiritually, particularly at a time when the horrific lessons of the last war seem to be in increasing danger of being forgotten.
This very acute observation was made three days after the current president of the United States signed an executive order indefinitely banning Syrian refugees and suspending entry for people from seven Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This ban came hot on the heels of Trump (man I hate typing his name) also reinstating a Reagan-era policy prohibiting the granting of American foreign aid to health providers abroad who discuss abortion as a family-planning option. Trump’s orders took things further than Reagan, though, as his policy also freezes funding to nongovernment organisations in poor countries if they offer abortion counselling or if they advocate the right to seek abortion in their countries.
Oh! And let’s not forget the man also set into motion his plan to build a southern border wall between the US and Mexico.
F*ck.Right.Off. Like, legit. F*CK.RIGHT.OFF!!!
What is happening here? Was Trump reading through Germany’s history from the 1930s and 1960s and thinking, ‘I need to get me a piece of that!’
So, with this giant garbage pile of a human doing all these terrible things, I couldn’t bring myself to write a blog post about anything other than my outrage. Because right now, anyone who has any kind of platform should be using it to do just that. They should be writing in opposition to these terrible policies, reminding others that the world has been here before and it left deep, horrific scars. To bring attention to the fact that THIS IS HOW IT STARTS. And to make sure it never, ever happens again.
Now is a time to be angry and loud and to show this narcissistic orange ball of hair that, actually, he’s a dick and WE ALL HATE HIM. Now is the time to stand up to this fascist dictator and tell him that he won’t get away with his hate, his racism, his misogyny. We will unite in protest. We will tweet the REAL facts. We will blog our thoughts. And we will end his presidency before he knows what’s happening.
We can fight this. We’ve got a prince, we’ve got our voices, we’ve got our compassion. 


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