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I have a long, long list of topics I could write about today.

I could write about the perfect Italian mini-break I had with my beloved sister not so long ago.

I could write about nearly tripping over deer in the beyond beautiful Richmond Park, around which I went for another long, long walk.

I could write about my glee at security tickets to see David Tennant in a play early next year and how my 26-year-old-self would feel vindicated after missing out on seeing him play Hamlet when I last lived in this fair city.

I could also write about how I finally got myself a UK bank account which makes me feel that I finally 'live' in London.

But I'm not going to write about any of those things, not today.

The reason? Well, today is a day I'd rather forget.

It's the day I became utterly dismayed with the United States of America and crossed it from my list of 'places to visit anytime soon'.

America, a nation that decided they prefer a president that grabs p*ssies, rather than have a president that actually HAS a p*ssy.

And I.Can't.Even.


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