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On a break from this blog's regularly scheduled programming

My life at this particular moment is filled with what you would call first world problems.

Tomorrow morning I need to be up, showered, dressed and ready to leave my flat at 5.30am for an early flight to Italy. This may seem like a wonderful way to begin a Thursday but I am NOT a morning person. Add to which the fact I haven't begun to even think about packing and you can imagine the panicky spiral I'm about to journey down.

Still, I'm super excited to be spending a pasta-and-red-wine fuelled mini break with my sister but today needs to be all about what the HELL I'm going to take to the most fashionable cities in the world.
It's empty, EMPTY!! Send help.

So, instead of a brilliantly composed, insightful piece of writing for this week, I will instead remind you of some of the other brilliantly composed, insightful pieces of writing I've posted onto this blog since it's inception. Have you read them all? (Don't worry, there won't be a test or anything... or will there?)

Here's the one where I wrote about my big decision to upend my life and move to the UK - Harry Potter was to blame.

Here's the one where I wrote about Brexit threatening to ruin everything (actually, it still might...)

Here's the one where I wrote about going for a long walk through the beautiful English countryside (also, thank GOD there was a pub roast at the end).

Here's the one where I wrote about the royals and how bees CAN KILL (me, mostly).

Here's the one where I wrote about losing my shit when I accidentally visited Austenland.

Here's the one where I wrote about being a ball of nerves when attending the Festival of Writing in York.

Here's the one where I wrote about visiting Ikea and how everything is the same, until it isn't.

Here's the one where I wrote about The Beatles yeah, yeah, yeah.

Enjoy! And I promise this blog will be back to its regularly scheduled programming next week.


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